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Gourmet Mushrooms' CEO DAVID LAW on MSNBC and the New Myco-Cultural Revolution

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Gourmet Mushrooms hosts attendees from the Culinary Institute's "Flavor, Quality and the American Menu" conference.

Flavor, Quality & American Menus is an annual invitational leadership retreat co-presented by The Culinary Institute of America and the University of California, Davis. This invitation-only event provides a venue for networking, sharing of information and ideas, and advancing both American agriculture and the food and beverage industries that depend on it.

Gourmet Mushrooms' CEO David Law cited as co-author in the July 2014 issue of Journal of Nutrition article summarizing the Mushrooms and Health Summit held in Washington, D.C. last Fall

Although considered a vegetable in dietary advice, mushrooms are fungi, set apart by vitamin B-12 in very low quantity but in the same form found in meat, ergosterol converted with UV light to vitamin D2, and conjugated linoleic acid.Mushrooms are a rare source of ergothioneine aswell as selenium, fiber, and several other vitamins and minerals. Some preclinical and clinical studies suggest impacts of mushrooms on cognition, weight management, oral health, and cancer risk. Preliminary evidence suggests that mushrooms may support healthy immune and inflammatory responses through interaction with the gutmicrobiota, enhancing development of adaptive immunity, and improved immune cell functionality. In addition to imparting direct nutritional and health benefits, analysis of U.S. food intake survey data reveals thatmushrooms are associated with higher dietary quality. Also, early sensory research suggests thatmushrooms blended with meats and lower sodium dishes are well liked and may help to reduce intakes of red meat and salt without compromising taste. As research progresses on the specific health effects of mushrooms, there is a need for effective communication efforts to leverage mushrooms to improve overall dietary quality.

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CEO, David Law, and VP, Chris Bailey, returned to China in November for the 7th Annual Chinese Mushroom Days conference in Zhangzhou.

Great new cookbook! "The Marriage of Mushrooms and Garlic" by Gourmet Mushrooms' co-founder, Malcolm Clark, and garlic maven, Chester Aaron.

Gourmet Mushrooms' President and CEO, David Law, and Chris Bailey, VP, visited China again in October. Specialty mushroom growth is a worldwide phenomenom.

David Law, China, specialty mushrooms, organic mushrooms

A truly wonderful mushroom poem by local poet Sandy Eastoak

Spirits and Mushrooms - Recipes for beef, pork and fish

Santa Rosa's Spinster Sisters restaurant features our Maitake Frondosa as tempura! Deelish.

Maitake Frondosa

Gourmet Mushrooms gives back to the community.

Donation. Community.

Phil Ross, artist of mycotecture visits Gourmet Mushrooms.

Mushroom Stuffing Recipes for Your Turkey

Chef Bob Engel Shares two recipes for great Turkey Stuffing

Chef's Collaborative Sustainability Summit emphasizes best practices for a healthier and tastier planet.

Cakebread Cellars American Harvest Workshop celebrates the best of the Wine Country

Stealth Health. Mushrooms for Breakfast. Low-fat and delicious!

Stealth Health. Low fat. Mushrooms for Breakfast. "Maitake Mushroom Hash"

"Produce Retailer" Highlights Specialty Mushrooms with Gourmet Mushrooms' Meg Hill

The ingredients make the meal, and mushrooms go with every dish!


Mushrooms for Summer Menus - (qr)

Mushroom Salad, Grilled Mushrooms.

Mushrooms on the Menu - What are America's Top Chefs doing with our farm's Mushrooms?

What are America's great chefs doing with our organic specialty varieties? Look here for their mushroom menu ideas.

Chef Rich Landau of Philly's VEDGE restaurant uses Nebrodini Bianco as pasta!

Chef Andrea Frizzi loves Gourmet Mushrooms' Velvet Pioppini and Nebrodini Bianco.

Roasting mushrooms is a chef's secret no longer. See these recipes from Julie Schreiber as prepared for the Sonoma County Mycological Association's annual gathering.

Chef April Bloomfield (of the Spotted Pig, et al) Knows Her Mushrooms

Top Chef's Top Choices for 2012

Mushrooms are a healthy addition to kid's menus.

Gourmet Mushrooms’ Trumpet Royale featured on the Dr. Oz Show!

Forest in a bottle. Gourmet Mushrooms' methods bring the forest indoors.

Specialty mushrooms. Growing methods. Forest in a bottle.

"Good Day Sacramento" TV visits Gourmet Mushrooms with Your Produce Man, Michael Marks

Mushrooms recipe gourmet "Your Produce Man"

Summer Menu Items

Gourmet Mushrooms at the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.

Epcot Food and Wine Festival invites Gourmet Mushrooms back to tell the story of specialty mushrooms to attendees. Interest in specialty mushrooms continues to grow.

Are mushrooms "the other meat" or what? If you get The Cooking Channel, watch us on the Foodcrafters show this Monday...in their "Meat" episode!

Foodcrafters...Cooking Channel...Gourmet Mushrooms...Farm Tour

Sprout Restaurant cooks at James Beard Foundation, featuring their favorite mushroom farm!

The Chefs from Sprout in Chicago -- at James Beard Foundation with Gourmet Mushrooms' Maitake Frondosa, Nebrodini Bianco, and Velvet Pioppini

Summertime is Mushroom Time

Asian Mushroom Salad

Trumpet Royale Are Great on the Grill

Gourmet Magazine is gone, but continues as the Gourmet Live Blog, and they have chosen our Mushroom Gift Basket as one of the Five Best Farm Fresh items in the country! Thank you, Gourmet Live!

Gourmet Mushrooms is proud to support the Ceres Project, a community-based program that provides food for clients in need, and experience for teenaged chefs.

ChooseMyPlate program emphasizes Fruits and Veggies in a healthy diet.

Kitchen Table Talks....Gourmet Mushrooms' CEO David Law, joins a roundtable discussion with Ken Litchfield, Mushroom Cultivation Instructor at Merritt College

David Law, Merritt College, Mushroom Cultivation, Kitchen Table Talks, Fungi

Maitake with Prosciutto - Maitake Pastries

Great article on our farm in the Winter issue of Edible Marin and Wine Country magazine. Super photos by Rose Hodges and a well-written and well-researched article by food writer Kirsten Jones Neff

Two-Bite Mushroom Pastry Appetizers are just the thing for holiday entertaining. A sure-fire crowd-pleaser from Chef Bob.

Two mushrooms, two flavors, Forest Nameko and Maitake Frondosa. A great appetizer.

Chef Celina Tio - long time Friend of Fungi -- is in the Final Four in Food Network's Iron Chef Competition.

Mycopia Mushrooms help Italian Chef win top prize. Congratulations to Chef Anna Fiasche of Ristorante Agostino.

The Italian Expo at Navy Pier Chicago awarded top chef honors to Chef Anna Fiasche of Ristorante Agostino for a dish featuring seafoods with mushrooms from Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc.

American Harvest Workshop Honors Specialty Producers

Is Maitake the New Shiitake?

Come tour the farm with The Cooking Channel. Go behind the scenes thanks to their new FoodCrafters show.

Summertime Mushrooms? Sure!

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Mushrooms Featured at Aspen Food and Wine Classic

Turkey Stuffing and More

Winter Turkey Stuffing "Bread Pudding" Mushroom Mushrooms Mushrooms

Mushrooms on the Menu

Mushroom Omelets to Make Mother's Day Magical - recipes here!

Make Vitamin D at home with sunshine and mushrooms!

Fungi, like people, can manufacture Vitamin D in their cells when exposed to sunshine. Strange, but true.

Trumpet Royale featured at Best Pizza finalist! Rachel Ray's nationwide pizza taste off has declared Pizzeria Bianco in Phoeniz one of four finalists. Is it our mushrooms that gave him the edge?

Produce Industry Study Highlights Growth of Specialty Mushrooms

Gourmet Mushrooms, Founded by Malcolm lark and David Law in 1977 was a pioneer in the Specialty Mushroom field. It is because of companies like ours that America's tastes are changing. Purchases of specialty mushrooms climbed four percentage points from Fresh Trends 2008. As was the case last year, the likelihood of purchase increased according to income. In fact, shoppers in the highest income bracket were more than twice as likely to buy specialty mushrooms as those earning less than $50,000.

FOOD NETWORK Chef Anne Burrell Features Trumpet Royale mushrooms in inventive recipe for Apple and Celery Root Slaw!

MYCOPIA Chef's Sampler gets 91 Points in review by industry expert Phil Lempert of SupermarketGuru.com

Mycopia's Chef's Sampler is a HIT according to Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert. He gave our mushrooms 91 points, including 29 out of 30 possible points for Flavor. What have we been telling you?

Gourmet Mushrooms featured at 2009 StarChefs.com New York Rising Chefs Awards

Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc. has been chosen to supply mushrooms for Chef George Mendes dishes at the 2009 New York StarChefs,com™ Rising Star Awards.

We are proud to say that Julia Child was a fan! Click here for a picture of Julia with our mushrooms.

In 1992 Julia Child visited Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc. It was her first introduction to the cultivation of specialty mushrooms and she was wowed. She told David Law, "I'll look at mushrooms with different eyes in the future."

Mushroom Farm Tour video by Culinary Institute Student Chef on You Tube! (Note: Begins at Sonomc-Cutrer Winery.)

Chef Liaison Bob Engel gives a tour to Senior Student Chefs from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.

Mushrooms Can Help Fight Flu

Because mushrooms support the immune system, they are the perfect first line of defense against flus and other viruses including the swine flu.

Name That Mushroom!

We love the many names for mushrooms, deriving as they do from different cultures and local lore, but we hate to see confusion and out-and-out misnaming. Take a look at this "Definitive" guide for all of the mushrooms we grow, and some other favorites.

A Dozen Different Mushrooms in your Kitchen!

It's not location, location, location - it's variety, variety, variety. Mushrooms are gaining in popularity because they offer a wide range of colors and textures while sharing a common ability to enhance the flavor of any dish. This savory, flavor-boosting quality is referred to by the Japanese term umami, which translates roughly as “deliciousness.”

Mushrooms Help Dieters by Increasing Satiety, Not Calories

Research at Johns Hopkins Medical Center on obesity suggests that mushrooms are a good food to include in any weight loss diet.

Saveur Magazine Article on Our Mushroom Gift Basket

Mushroom Nutrition from the Mushroom Council

Many people still think that mushrooms are tasty, but not high in nutrients. Maybe it's the pale color. But mushrooms are high in antioxidants like selenium and a good source of B Vitamin.

Organic Mushrooms Attract Produce Industry's Notice

A full page article in the September 2008 Vegetable Growers News features an interview with Gourmet Mushrooms' Chef Liaison Bob Engel discussing the expansion of the company's organic line.

BACK TO SCHOOL time - Mushroom Science Kits

Fall is here and science teachers are using our mushroom growing kits to tell the story of the Fungal Kingdom's contribution to our planet's ecology. Fascinating fungal fun.

Gourmet Mushrooms Extends Organic Line

Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc. of Sebastopol, California, growers of the MYCOPIA® brand of organic specialty mushrooms, has concluded agreements with two other Pacific Coast growers and now offers an all-organic program to its customers. Gourmet Mushrooms' five varieties of specialty mushrooms are now complemented by organically grown shiitake and maitake.

Sunset Magazine Article--Mushrooms Bloom


Gourmet Mushrooms' President and CEO, David Law, to be panelist at Mushroom Health Summit in D.C.

New Branch of the Fungal Kingdom. These may never enter a kitchen, but the discovery of a new evolutionary branch of fungi may one day find its way into our health food supplements.

fungi health mushroom evolution fungal

Gourmet Mushrooms has a booth this week...Oct 21 to 23...at SupplySide West, the world's largest event for healthy and innovative ingredients. Dietary supplement and cosmeceutical manufacturers.

CEO David Law interviewed by Nutraceutical World Magazine. "We Mushroom Your Health"

Gourmet Mushrooms CEO David Law says, "We are seeing a more informed population, especially younger generations, paying credence to the health benefits of fungal products."