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Automated Mushroom Production Equipment

As the specialty mushroom business matures and companies expand, growers demand techniques that offer greater efficiency and predictable results. Every mushroom farm needs consistent harvests, week in, week out. By automating the process we can reduce human variables and come closer to realizing the goal of steady mushroom production.

We serve as the sole global representative of Japan's oldest and respected equipment manufacturer, Kyozen Shoji. The good people at Kyozen serve the largest number of customers of any automated mushroom equipment manufacturer.

We've worked with them to develop customized machinery with the North American grower in mind and even hold an important joint patent that reduces the cost and time needed for autoclave sterilization.

Bottle or Bags?

The typical North American mushroom grower uses bags filled either with straw or wood. These bags usually have microporous filters or filter plug inserts for gas exchange. We understand this system well because we've been using it for more than 30 years. However, from experience, we can say that bottle growing technology has revolutionized our farm output and revenue. Although we feel that it is a choice growers must make for themselves, we advocate the bottle system for mushrooms other than Shiitake. See this PDF document that we co-authored in a mushroom trade magazine some years ago that discusses the advantages of Automated Bottle Systems. Opens in New Window

By the way, should you have a bag operation, we also provide excellent automated equipment choices that can boost your productivity and usually cut out huge chunks of processing time.


As competition increases among mushroom producers of all stripes, it makes sense for growers to offer additional mushroom varieties to serve all of their customers' needs. Growers of button mushrooms will be happy to know that most specialty mushrooms can be grown effectively using the current modern Agaricus farm structure and environmental conditions. Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc. can provide expert evaluation and teach you how to grow the right mix of mushrooms for your needs.