Mycopia Mushrooms help Italian Chef win top prize. Congratulations to Chef Anna Fiasche of Ristorante Agostino.

A handful of great chefs around the country order direct from Gourmet Mushrooms, calling us every week, discussing what's new and sharing their menu ideas with us. We are especially proud to be featured on the menu at Ristorante Agostino in Chicago and to have been part of Chef Anna Fiasche's winning recipe in the Italian Expo at Navy Pier.

The dish, pictured below, was Crostini Monte e Mare (Mountain and Sea). You can guess who represented the mountains - our funghi!

Agostinos Crostini Monte e Mare.jpg

If you are in Chicago, don't miss Ristorante Agostino.

When Anna Fiasche first set foot on American soil over 35 years ago, she knew nothing but her Neapolitan dialect and the classic Neapolitan recipes she was taught by her family. At 15 years old she began working in the kitchens of various Italian restaurants, adding her original flavors and flare to each dish. Her marriage to Agostino Fiasche, a chef of Calabrese decent, set the stage for a harmonious partnership of food and love.