Make Vitamin D at home with sunshine and mushrooms!

When we talk to chefs about mushrooms, we often remind them that mushrooms behave in the kitchen more like meats than vegetables. Mushrooms shift their flavor profile in response to cooking techniques and paired ingredients, much the same way that meats do.

Here is another astonishing parallel which illustrates the kinship between the fungal and animal kingdoms. Mushrooms will create natural Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight or a UVB bulb!  At Gourmet Mushrooms, we are experimenting with UVB lights for our mushrooms, both for their health and yours.

Follow the link below for a report from the British Journal of General Practice

  Sun bathing Vit D NebroSM.jpg


Nebrodini Bianco catching a few rays. A little olive oil is nice, but no Coppertone please!