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"The kingdom Fungi is unique from all other forms of life on Earth. It includes molds, rusts, mildews, smuts, mushrooms, and yeasts. At one time, Fungi were believed to be close relatives of plants. It has been recently discovered that they are more closely related to animals. Fungi are nature’s decomposers recycling nutrients in dead plant and animal matter. Without fungi, dead organic matter would accumulate and suffocate our forests." 


-- from the Introduction to Gourmet Mushroom's Science Kit Lesson Plan


Over the past few years we have noticed an increased interest among science teachers in presenting information to their classes about the Kingdom of Fungi. Our science kits are selling faster this year than ever before. Each kit includes a lesson plan, illustrations of the mushroom's life cycle, pre-cultured growing modules that will allow students to grow mushrooms, and materials to make spore prints. A great classroom activity for grade school or advanced levels. 

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