CEO, David Law, and VP, Chris Bailey, returned to China in November for the 7th Annual Chinese Mushroom Days conference in Zhangzhou.

The Chinese have been growing mushrooms for hundreds of years, that’s even longer than we at Gourmet Mushrooms have! China is also the fastest growing mushroom-producing country in the world. Gourmet Mushrooms' CEO, David Law, always comes back impressed by what these farmers are able to do with “adequate technology.” While some farms are very up-to-the-minute and high tech, others use a combination of intuition and inventiveness. Both approaches are impressive in their results.


 Above are David Law (on right) with Mr. Dai Wai-ho, a Tremella spawn expert.


While in Zhangzhou, David and Chris met with some of the key players in growing Tremella fuciformis. This mushroom is prized in China both as a food and as medicine. It’s texture is a little unusual for the Western palate, a bit crunchy like gristle. Very tasty though. Most often marketed as Snow Fungus.


Chris Bailey in an "adequate technology" Tremella farm in Gutian, Fujian province.

For those with a biosciences bent, you may be interested to know that the Tremella is actually a parasitic yeast that feeds on the mycelia of other mushrooms. For more on Tremella visit Tom Volk's page here.



David Law (on right) with Mr. Yao Su-shin, one of the most respected researchers in the growing of Tremella fuciformis. 


Conference organizer, Mr. Ziqiang Liu, speaking at the 7th Annual Chinese Mushroom Days.