Gourmet Mushrooms' President and CEO, David Law, and Chris Bailey, VP, visited China again in October. Specialty mushroom growth is a worldwide phenomenom.

Frequent trips to mushroom farms and visits to academic researchers around the world are one way that Gourmet Mushrooms stays in the forefront of a rapidly expanding field.



David Law, Gourmet Mushrooms' CEO (on left) with S. T. Chang, the renowned "preeminent grandfather" of Chinese mushroom agriculture and science.




Chris Bailey, Gourmet Mushrooms' Vice President, inspects prepared substrate at an eryngii farm in China. Eryingii is an oyster variety that Gourmet Mushrooms has popularized as Trumpet Royale.




Every country has their own idea of what a great Pleurotus eryngii should look like. Apparently in China they like a large mushroom with a lot of stem.




At Gourmet Mushrooms we grow these with larger caps and shorter stems. Trumpet Royale.