A truly wonderful mushroom poem by local poet Sandy Eastoak

Sandy Eastoak is a Sonoma County artist and poet. She received an interdisciplinary MA from the University of Oregon, writing her thesis on “Art and Environmental Consciousness.” She studied art therapy at Lane Community College, and landscape painting at Pacific Academy of Fine Art. Her work has been exhibited widely and she is a member of the Sebastopol Coop Art Gallery.

The poem below is in a form called an etheree, in fact, a double etheree. An etheree is a 10-line poem whose first line is one syllable, second line 2 syllables, & so on to the 10-syllable last line. A double etheree has a second verse that reverses the progression.



round flesh
from dark damp soil
raising gilled secrets
& portents of old doom
into the ground level mist
& then the white ones in a ring
the orange shimmering folded ones
& the spotted red giant by the fence
this fanfare of color & shape declares
the hidden miracle we forget
even while it bestows all year
life to soil & those who need
to eat, to breathe, to love
their mycelium
is the old god
all that

from Praise Poems, © 2011 Sandy Eastoak


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