Gourmet Mushrooms gives back to the community.

At Gourmet Mushrooms we believe that no food should ever go to waste. The natural ebb and flow of harvest means that we sometimes have more mushrooms than we need to fill our customers' demand. We make sure that this excess harvest is donated in a timely fashion, partnering with the Redwood Empire Food Bank. The Redwood Empire Food Bank picks up directly from the farm and distributes throughout the entire Bay Area region. Our mushrooms are used both in dining rooms, like Grace Cathedral and St. Anthony’s, and also in food pantries like the one below:


In Sonoma and Marin County we work with the Ceres Community Project. The Ceres Community Project uses our culinary mushrooms to prepare meals for delivery to patients dealing with a variety of health issues. They also use our nutraceutical mushroom powders in preparing their "Vital Bites." These delicious treats pack a punch, filled with raw foods and nutrients to support the immune system and increase the body's ability to cope with stress.

The Ceres Community Project is unique in using teen chefs from the community to prepare meals for home delivery. These teens get training in food preparation, learn about the relation of whole, natural foods to health, and they are provided with an opportunity to serve their community.


If you'd like to do do something to give back, consider buying a copy of the Ceres Community Cookbook for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

The Nourishing Connections Cookbook includes vital information about the link between what we eat and our health. The book includes a wealth of simple, practical suggestions about how to improve your own diet and over 100 delicious, healthful recipes.

Visit here to order and to find out more about The Ceres Community Project.