Stealth Health. Mushrooms for Breakfast. Low-fat and delicious!

Mushrooms for Breakfast! Yes!

Mushrooms are a healthy addition to any breakfast menu, especially when you substitute them for high-fat, high-carb items like bacon, toast and potatoes. They’ll help fill you up – and mushrooms taste great with eggs.

Trumpet Royale  “Bacon”


8 ounces Trumpet Royale, sliced lengthwise 1/8 inch thick

4 teaspoons reduced-sodium soy sauce

3 teaspoons canola oil

1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil

1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar

1 teaspoon SMOKED sweet paprika – Available from Hispanic grocers. Chiquilin is the brand I use.


Whisk together the five ingredients above and toss with the sliced Trumpet Royale until they are evenly coated. Spray a baking sheet with non-stick spray and roast at 325º for about twenty minutes, turning once. The mushrooms will brown slightly and should be crispy/chewy when cooled.  A flavor good enough to pass the blindfold test, and with much less fat than bacon.


About four servings. 55 calories per serving.

Two pieces of bacon = 90 calories.


Mushroom Hash

Roasted or sautéed mushrooms can be substituted for half of the potatoes in any recipe with a savings of about 50% of calories, or try this recipe for Maitake Mushroom Hash.

8 ounces Maitake Frondosa (or another MYCOPIA™ mushroom variety, Velvet Pioppini or Trumpet Royale)

2 Tablespoons olive oil or butter

¼ cup finely diced leek (white part) or sweet onion

¼ teaspoon dried thyme (or more to taste)

½ teaspoon Hungarian paprika

¼ teaspoon salt

A few grind of black pepper


1 teaspoon sherry or balsamic vinegar

2 Tablespoons fresh parsley


Chop the mushrooms to your desired size. Do you prefer “country fried potatoes” or “hash browns”? Sauté the leeks or onions and mushrooms over medium heat stirring frequently until they begin to soften. Add all the seasonings (except vinegar and fresh parsley), then reduce heat to low.  Continue cooking until lightly browned and aromatic. Sprinkle with vinegar, stir, top with parsley and stir again. Serves two generously. Very nice with an egg on top.

Mushroom Frittata with Asparagus

3 tablespoons olive oil or butter

8 oz. mixed Chef’s Sampler mix, or other MYCOPIA™ mushrooms

½ bunch (about ¾ cup when cut up) asparagus in one inch pieces – use just the tender parts

3 Tablespoons shallots, chopped


12 eggs or 3 cups Egg Beaters™

½ teaspoon salt

¼ teaspoon black pepper

1 teaspoon fines herbes, dried (Fines herbes is a classic French blend of chervil, chives, parsley and tarragon.)

3 Tablespoons fresh parsley

3 Tablespoons plain Greek yogurt


¼ to ½ cup Parmesan cheese, grated


Cut mushrooms into ½ inch pieces and asparagus slightly larger. Sauté mushrooms, asparagus and shallot in olive oil in a 10” non-stick skillet that can go under the broiler. Mushrooms should be well cooked, shallots not browned, asparagus, green and nicely done. Oddly enough, it all seems to happen in about the same time.


Meanwhile beat the eggs, yogurt and seasonings together. Pour into the pan, reduce heat to lowest setting and stir gently. The secret of a good frittata is to have the eggs cooked enough, but not dry. When not yet set, sprinkle parmesan over the top and put the pan under the broiler. It will finish cooking there. Allow to brown just lightly. If your pan is cooperative, you can slide it out whole onto a large plate, if not, cut into wedges to serve. Some folks like to flip it upside down. You’ve got choices. It tastes great any way you serve it.