Gourmet Mushrooms’ Trumpet Royale featured on the Dr. Oz Show!


Dr. Mehmet Oz has long declared mushrooms to be a healthy addition to the diet which help to support the immune system. They made Dr. Oz’s list of the Best Anti-Aging Superfoods of 2011!

In a segment of his popular Dr. Oz Show in early December he showed off some of our Trumpet Royale mushrooms. He refers to them as “King Trumpet,” but those are our MYCOPIA Trumpet Royale™ and we were delighted to see them on the national stage. The lucky audience member who sampled the sautéed Trumpet Royale exclaimed, “Tasty! These are tasty!”  Yes, they are tasty, but they are also nutrition powerhouses. Dr. Oz said, “You should consider these medicine.”  

On his website, Dr Oz says, “They’re packed with antioxidants that fight harmful toxins and help your immune cells recognize potential threats to your system. Work two handfuls of these mushrooms into your diet on a weekly basis to get the benefits they have to offer.”


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