Gourmet Mushrooms at the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.

This year's Authentic Tastes seminars featured specialty mushrooms from Gourmet Mushrooms, our fourth year being invited back to tell the farm's story and give attendees exciting tastes of these culinary fungi. The Epcot International Food and Wine Festival is one of America's largest showcases of fine cuisine.

To illustrate the adaptability of our specialty varieties, Chef Liaison Bob Engel had two dishes prepared, one featuring Asian flavors, the other, Mediterranean. Mushrooms are found in more different dishes around the world than almost any other ingredient -- Italian pasta sauces, and Japanese soups, Mexican tacos and French sauces. Every cuisine has a way of using these savory and rich foods of the forest.



Chef Liaison Bob Engel answers a question about our growing methods.



Master Chef Fritz Sonnenschmidt, former culinary dean of the Culinary Institue of America at Hyde Park and noted cookbook author, insisted on including some of Gourmet Mushrooms' Trumpet Royale in his beef curry.