Kitchen Table Talks....Gourmet Mushrooms' CEO David Law, joins a roundtable discussion with Ken Litchfield, Mushroom Cultivation Instructor at Merritt College

Gourmet Mushrooms, Inc.'s CEO David Law was a recent featured speaker at the Bay Area's well-respected food forum, Kitchen Table Talks. Kitchen Table Talks are a series of symposia held in San Francisco's Viracocha Gallery. The December 2010 talk was moderated by Ken Litchfield of Merritt College. David spoke about both Gourmet Mushrooms' mycelial biomass (fungi grown for health food supplements) and its seven varieties of culinary mushrooms.

He told the gathering, "Not too long ago, button mushrooms were 99% of what was cultivated. They were the Folgers coffee of mushrooms. Just as consumers have become more sophisticated about the type of coffee they drink, they are getting much more adventurous about the mushrooms they eat and are seeking out a wider variety.”

Most of the talk is available on YouTube. Here's a link to one of David's presentations. CLICK

For an excellent summary of the presentation check this article by Anna Ghosh on the Civil Eats blog. CLICK